Kevin Carriker is an entrepreneur specializing in revenue generation and solutions no matter what the industry. If there is money to be made he knows where to find and how to maximize the ROI (return on investment). In addition he has the ability to take an idea the full path with ease from concept to global market to massive profit.

Kevin entered the world of sales in the cellular phone activation business for Pacific Telephone & LA Cellular and dominated the Southern California market while consistently breaking sales records.

Kevin expanded his focus to the Pacific Rim, specializing in fortune 500, NASDAQ companies and global brands like Hyundai or Kia where he mastered manufacturing, imports, exports, with multi-million dollar contract deals.

Quickly Kevin found himself speaking around the world at international market conferences with audiences up to 50 corporations at a time comprise of 5,000 people and being translated into 12 languages ranging from Mandarin to Tagalog.

Kevin is an expert in marketing which ranges from navigation the channels between online and offline subscription based models to short and long form infomercial.

When Kevin is not building empires he can be found mentoring entrepreneurs from USC and UCLA in sales and marketing.