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WonderCon 2016: Romance in Sci-Fi and Fantasy – Panel Coverage

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WonderCon 2016: Romance in Sci-Fi and Fantasy – Panel Coverage

James Ganiere (Chief Editor, Fallen Angel Press; CEO-Rio Vista Universal) moderated the Saturday afternoon WonderCon panel, “Romance in Sci-Fi and Fantasy,” which assembled actress Gigi Edgley (Farscape, Star Trek Continues), writer Rebekah R. Ganiere (Fairelle series, President of Fantasy Futuristic & Paranormal RWA chapter), writer Mark O’Bannon (The Dream Crystal, Star Raiders), and actor James Kyson (Heroes, Nobility). Unfortunately, actress Mira Furlan was unable to attend due to being on a shoot. Why a romance panel? Romance sells well; at least 50% of the books sold are romance, and romance is a critical component of any story told.

After introductions, Edgley explained that romance reveals the soft side of characters and builds an investment by the audience for those characters. In particular, it is important to show heart before going into battle, for instance. Building on common ground is crucial for creating interspecies relationships according to Rebehak Ganiere. James Ganiere said she brought up a good point: keeping romance alive when there’s distance between the two characters. Edgley explained it is not necessary to show everything; in other words, don’t need to be gratuitous. Rebekah Ganiere agreed. She doesn’t write graphic detail, so her kids can read her books. Kyson said he couldn’t have a long-distance relationship; he explained he recently got married, but he did research about living in space for an extended period of time. He joked that the long-distance phone charges would be outrageous.

James Ganiere asked the panelists how they create authentic romance. Rebehak Ganiere did research on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and artificial limbs and then, after writing her story, she engaged beta readers. James Ganiere said that, as a producer, he has to gauge how honest he can be with writers. Part of the authenticity includes break-ups and broken relationships. Per Rebehak Ganiere, romance can and should have bumps along the way, but all romances have to have a happy ending or a happy ending for a time.

Role reversal was the next topic. Kyson indicated that traditional love doesn’t really exist today; love needs to reflect real life. Rebehak Ganiere writes strong female characters; however, she says she runs the risk of having a weak male as a result, which could be very bad for the story. Edgley said strong relationships of love include mother/daughter ones too, such as in Nexus.

Rebehak Ganiere shared insight into her writing process. She constantly writes because she gets inspiration from everywhere. As a result, she writes down ideas all of the time and typically has 65 ideas brewing. For her, she explained, that she has to develop good outlines.

In closing, James Ganiere advised that to write with authenticity, don’t write you what you think will sell, write what you know.

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*Panel Photo by Michele Brittany

TV Xperience World Convention: 2015 Speakers

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TV Xperience World Logo

TV Xperience World Conference

Evan Silverman
Kenny Miller
Dermot McCormack
Christy Tanner
Keith Kazerman
Sean Atkins
Colin Decker
Adam J Lowy
Will Keenan
Jason Krebs
Chris Falkner
James Ganiere
Jonathan Steuer
Diego Leonel de Cervantes
Jamie Wilkinson

SVP of Digital Media
Head of Digital
SVP National Ad Sales
GM & EVP Digital Media
GM Advanced TV
Head of Sales
SVP Advanced TV
Chief Research Officer
Head of Digital & Internet

A+E Networks
ABC Family
AOL Video
CBS Interactive
Discovery Communications
Discovery Digital Networks
Endemol BEYOND
Maker Studios
Rio Vista Universal
TiVo Research & Analytics
TV Azteca

Triborn Cast Goes Comikaze for Halloween

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James Ganiere on Triborn Movie panel at Stan Lee's Comikaze Comic Con 2015

On Oct 31, 2015, Halloween at 1pm in Room 502B, the second TRIBORN panel with cast and crew will be at Stan Lee‘s Comikaze Expo. Join cast and crew for an exclusive look inside Triborn with Elle Sonnet, Adam Sonnet, Neville Page, Riocco Ross, Patrick Kilpatrick, Rico E. Anderson, Brian Sipe, James Ganiere, Carmine Downey. We’re also going to announce the winner of the Spaceship Design Contest!

The Con Guy: THE 8 MOST FREAKIN’ AWESOME THINGS to See at This Weekends Long Beach Comic Con

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The Con Guy 8 Awesome Must See Things at Long Beach Comic Con 2015

The Con Guy – 8 Awesome Must See Things at Long Beach Comic Con 2015

This is the weekend of Long Beach Comic Con, and we’re giving you a list of the things you absolutely, without-a-doubt, must, must, must do. It’s a smaller con, so make sure to take advantage of the comic books and true geek things, but if you’re at a loss for what to do–just use this list as your guide…

#4 How to Conquer the Animation World
with James Ganiere (CEO at Rio Vista Universal), Dean DeBlois (writer and director of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 3), Mike Morris (Animator for THE SIMPSONS), Terran Gregory (Project Director at Blizzard Entertainment) and Forrest Whaley (ForrestFire101 –

How To Conquer The Animation World panel with Dean DeBlois (Writer/Director - How to Train Your Dragon 1, 2, & 3), James Ganiere (CEO/Creative - Rio Vista Universal), Mike Morris (Animator - Fox "The Simpsons" & Disney TV), Terran Gregory (Project Director, Cinematics - Blizzard Entertainment), Forrest Whaley (ForrestFire101 - Maker Studio/YouTube) at Long Beach Comic Con

Maker Studio/YouTube).


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Triborn Emerges at Long Beach Comic Con

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James Ganiere on Triborn Movie panel at Long Beach Comic Con 2015

Join us at Long Beach Comic Con – Sunday September 13th at 3:30pm to 4:30pm in Room 103A as we take a sneak peak of what to expect from the SciFi movie Triborn as it begins to take form.

Confirmed Panelists:Elle Viane Sonnet (Space Command), Patrick Kilpatrick (Minority Report), Carrie Henn (Aliens), James Ganiere (Rio Vista Universal), Adam Sonnet (Star Trek: Phoenix)

Animation Magazine: Long Beach Comic Con Plans Toon Panels

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Animation Magazine Logo

Animation Magazine

Long Beach Comic Con, taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center in SoCal on September 12 and 13, has announced its lineup of special guests and panels — including a healthy helping of animation talks. Complete info and tickets are available at

How to Conquer the Animation World
Panelists: James Ganiere (CEO/Creative, Rio Vista Universal), Dean DeBlois (Writer/Dir, How to Train Your Dragon 3), Mike Morris (Animator – Fox’s The Simpsons & Disney TV), Terran Gregory (Project Director – Cinematics, Blizzard Entertainment), Forrest Whaley (ForrestFire101 on Maker Studio/YouTube)
Description: Plotting your domination in animation, whether it be film, television or social media is always easier with the counsel from those giants who have already conquered the landscape!

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Creative Storage Conference 2015 – “The Good The Bad & The Ugly”

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Creative Storage Conference 2015 Logo

Join me as I kick off the 2015 Creative Storage Conference on June 30th at 8:15 AM
Session A:  The Big Vision:  Changing Needs and Sources for Production Storage

There appears to be no limit to the storage requirements needed for rich content creation, production and for modern workflows, whether for movies, broadcast or games.  Higher content resolution and frame rates can generate petabytes of content in a single video production project.   With continued growth in resolution and frame rates we will likely see Exabyte video projects in the not distant future. Learn which storage devices work best in which video production environments? Hear what the future hold for content capture and creation?  This session will give you information that you will need to create tomorrow’s blockbusters and award winning content. Inspired by one of my favorite classic Clint Eastwood films, “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”, we’ll take a look at the panoramic view of tomorrow, examining all 3 and where the gold might be buried.
Moderator: Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates

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33rd LTUE Symposium: Special Guest

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LTUE - Life The Universe And Everything Logo

LTUE – Life The Universe And Everything

On February 13-15, 2015 Life, the Universe, & Everything (LTUE) symposium will be celebrating the 33rd conference or Con with Guest of Honor, Toni Weisskopf and Special Guests, Michaelbrent Collings, Maxwell Alexander Drake, James Ganiere, Tracy Hickman, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., James A. Owen, Steven L. Peck, Eric G. Swedin, Dan Wells, all who join a long line of impressive guest beginning with Orson Scott Card.

While Life, the Universe, & Everything (LTUE) officially started in 1983, there were a few events prior to that which helped establish the foundation for the symposium and The Leading Edge magazine (now simply Leading Edge). Much of this content is taken from (and in some cases, copied wholesale from) an essay written by Lee Allred titled “Nobody Here Still but Us Orcs…: An Incomplete History of Life, the Universe, & (Mostly) Everything

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James Ganiere – From Business to Entertainment

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splash-magazines-logoJames Ganiere, a once successful businessman dealing with banking, financing, construction and real estate has now turned to his other talents of being involved within the entertainment world as he is the host of the new series Back from the Dead and Reel Hollywood, both of which are airing on the Interfusion TV network.

Having attended USC film school and graduated, James would have to put aside his passion for film andentertainment to provide his fast growing family with a stable income, but it wasn’t long until James felt the need to give his masked talents a call back.

“I knew I would someday come back to the business of filmmaking and television, but I didn’t know when until just a few years ago,” said Ganiere. He soon formed a Los Angeles-based production company, Rio Vista Universal, and commenced

James Ganiere

James Ganiere

developing the series Back from the Dead. The series features people who have had near death experiences after being declared dead.

“These are all true-life accounts based upon medical records, doctors, news reports and the individuals themselves as they tell us what happened when they died and how they came back to life,” stated James.

The inspiration for the series is solidly based on James’s childhood experience when his younger brother tragically died at age 2, leaving James to contemplate what happens to people after their death. He says, “It’s a question that many today are asking and through this show, we hope to raise the question, give insight and answers from some of those who have lived through near-death experiences.”

Aside from hosting the dramatic revivals of Back from the DeadJames is also the host of his show biz news program Reel Hollywood where he gets to sit down and interview the top names in theentertainment industry airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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