Creative Storage Conference 2015 – “The Good The Bad & The Ugly”

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Join me as I kick off the 2015 Creative Storage Conference on June 30th at 8:15 AM
Session A:  The Big Vision:  Changing Needs and Sources for Production Storage

There appears to be no limit to the storage requirements needed for rich content creation, production and for modern workflows, whether for movies, broadcast or games.  Higher content resolution and frame rates can generate petabytes of content in a single video production project.   With continued growth in resolution and frame rates we will likely see Exabyte video projects in the not distant future. Learn which storage devices work best in which video production environments? Hear what the future hold for content capture and creation?  This session will give you information that you will need to create tomorrow’s blockbusters and award winning content. Inspired by one of my favorite classic Clint Eastwood films, “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly”, we’ll take a look at the panoramic view of tomorrow, examining all 3 and where the gold might be buried.
Moderator: Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates

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