Meet the Gear Heads

Nick Field and Rick Ford. Together, they own and operate Fastlane out of Houston, TX. Fastlane isn’t your typical performance shop. Everyday is a new challenge for Nick and Rick as they push the envelope in performance racing. In this 5 episode series, the Gear Heads strive to accomplish one goal, maximum horsepower. Featured in the series are top fuel pilots, Clay Millican and JR Todd. Clay is a 6 time IHRA Top Fuel Champion. Other featured characters include Monte Smith of NOS fame. While the show’s main focus is to highlight performance and results, it’s also entertaining, endearing and funny. Rick Ford shines as comedic relief in a shop staffed full of young testosterone filled mechanics. His management style is unique to say the least. After the first episode people will no doubt repeat Rick’s go to line, “Does someone need to get fired?”

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