Scriptapalooza winner Ken Kemp explains how his pilot plucked the prize

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Examiner“Attaché”. The term may evoke cinematic images of FBI agents traipsing through foreign lands, Sean Connerylike, Bluetooths in their dental caps* and gorgeous women at their sides.

All of this is a fairly safe bet when you’re getting ready to read theScriptapalooza Television award-winning pilot from writer-director Ken Kemp. At once fresh and fun, “Attaché“‘s “Forward Lateral” also demands a level of intelligence from its audience as it entertains.

This Examiner grew up in the same small California town as the scriptwriter, Livermore, even graduating from high school the same year. His dad was a noted

Kenneth Kemp

Kenneth Kemp

orthodontist; my mom a popular elementary school teacher. It was a pastoral and safe environment, even with its proximity to a certain world-famous nuclear laboratory.

After hearing he’d won the coveted Scriptapalooza prize, announced Feb. 13, I e-mailed Kemp some questions.

Following is an edited transcript of our online conversation.

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